• 20.1.08

    «Wow, ten whole years. It feels like yesterday to me. The Blue Dress. The Cigar. Linda Tripp. All to be wrapped up in the government-financed porn tome The Starr Report.

    Are you getting all misty-eyed? Those were good times. The hearings and impeachment. Floor speeches denouncing the loss of our country's innocence. The befouling of our Nation's Highest Office by tawdriness. That president - that nasty, naughty, dirty boy (h/t Sen. Craig) - brought this country to its knees in shame and utter debasement.

    Thank God that we recovered from that and now stand tall in the world, are respected by other nations, have a booming economy, live in blissful peace and have a righteous, scandal-free president who's soaring approval ratings and respect around the world are the model to follow for generations to come!»

    (via Arte da Fuga)

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