• 4.3.05
    Manual de Instruções para Discussões na Blogosfera

    Sempre actual, mas nuns dias ainda mais do que noutros, no Afixe.

    Vejo agora que o BdE recomendou o mesmo post e juntou uma recomendação de facto obrigatória!
    Trata se do essay de Schopenhauer "A arte de ficar com a razão", cujo último parágrafo apresento aqui (em inglés):

    The only safe rule, therefore, is that which Aristotle mentions in the last chapter of his Topica: not to dispute with the first person you meet, but only with those of your acquaintance of whom you know that they possess sufficient intelligence and self-respect not to advance absurdities; to appeal to reason and not to authority, and to listen to reason and yield to it; and, finally, to cherish truth, to be willing to accept reason even from an opponent, and to be just enough to bear being proved to be in the wrong, should truth lie with him. From this it follows that scarcely one man in a hundred is worth your disputing with him. You may let the remainder say what they please, for every one is at liberty to be a fool - desipere est jus gentium. Remember what Voltaire says:
    La paix vaut encore mieux que la verite. Remember also an Arabian proverb which tells us that on the tree of silence there hangs its fruit, which is peace.

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